Vucic meets Borrell

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met today with EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell on his first official visit to Belgrade

Source: Tanjug
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  1. I assume, one of the main topics between Vucic and Borrell will be that... Kosovaaah*

    Now, 1-2-3, can any of our pseudo-Albanian trolls tell me quickly, who did say that "Kosovaaah*" is "Gyepü", what "Gyepü" does mean and what was the "reward" for that announcement?

    Is the "rewarded" person welcome in Serbia and Romania?

    And what is about "migrants", why do I have to mention them here to begin with?

    This is the challenge for Avni and Rocky and Ari (not Ariel). And for Count of Kosova.

    Let's see, are these nicks the original ones from 2005 - or maybe re-cycled by Kremlin to keep the conflict sharp after over 15 years?

    Questions, questions. If the challenged can't answer, they should ask their boss from Лубянка. ;)
    (Dorozsmainé Csopaki Priscilla, 2 February 2020 12:16)

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