Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica to start daily protests

Kosovska Mitrovica Mayor Krstimir Pantić said that due to increased pressure on Serbs, daily protests would start in the northern part of the town.

Source: Tanjug

The people want to express their disagreement with the policy towards Serbs in Kosovo, Pantić told Mitrovica-based radio Kontakt Plus, noting the immediate cause was the arrest of Jovica Miljković.

Miljković was arrested several days ago on the suspicion that he belonged to a group which destroyed mobile property of the Kosovo police and prevented an officer from performing his duty.

The protests will continue until Miljković has been released, said Pantić, noting that the decision was made by the Kosovska Mitrovica municipal council.

Pantić reiterated Serbs would not agree to the establishment of "the Kosovo state institutions in the north".

The majority Serb population in the north rejects the authority of the government of Priština, and the ethnic Albanian unilateral declaration of independence made in February 2008.


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