Youths riot in Brussels again over inmate death

BRUSSELS -- About a hundred youths of North African origin rioted in central Brussels on Tuesday.

This was the second night of trouble following the death of an inmate in jail, a police official said.

Violence broke out on Monday evening in the working class Marolles district of Brussels after news that a 25-year-old inmate of North African origin died on Sunday, the official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

The inmate was given a product to help him calm down, the official said. An investigation has been launched.

On Tuesday, the youths torched a youth centre, attacked police cars and shops.

All the rioters on Tuesday were of North African origin, the official said, adding that 30 people were arrested.

The rioting was the worst since youths set fire to 15 vehicles across Belgium last year in violence which authorities said imitated unrest then going on in France.

Brussels' Mayor Freddy Thielemans told Belgian RTBF radio that he did not expect the riots to get worse. He thanked the family of the young inmate who died for helping to try and calm the young rioters down.