Video evidence of mujaheddin crimes

A Bosnian TV station has broadcast part of a new tape showing the activities of a mujaheddin unit during the Bosnian war.

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  1. If Milosevic was a war criminal, as all Bosnian Muslims say, then surely Itzetbegovic was a war criminal. Izetbegovic invited the Mujaheddin fighters to Bosnia and certainly knew that they were committing atrocities. It would be intellectually insulting to say that Izetbegovic did not know of the crimes being committed by Mujaheddin fighters because the Mujaheddin fighters openly boasted about torturing and executing Serbs. Do any Bosnian Muslim supporters believe that Izetbegovic was not a war criminal? If you believe so, please state your case.
    (Phillip Dragisic, 17 September 2007 18:42)

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  2. This was not the only unit , "numbering 1,000 fighters" of course.


    "According to the German news agency DPA, the group included 72 people from Turkey, 31 from Egypt, 30 from Algeria, 21 from Syria, 27 from Tunisia, 23 from Sudan and 20 from Russia. "

    Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan AND RUSSIA!?
    Those must be Chechens.

    "Back in early September, Vukovic said that 120 individuals had been stripped of their citizenship and that around 1,500 cases were being scrutinised by his commission.

    He also confirmed that some of those who came to BiH to fight were individuals on the UN blacklist for suspected links to al-Qaeda."

    We should be careful here while taking away the citizenships. Many of these people, regardless of their views, obtained citizentships legally, by marrying local women. They should be allowed to keep their citizentships.

    "More than 11,000 people are believed to have received Bosnian citizenship between 1992 and 1995, including through the country's embassies."
    (sreten, 17 September 2007 20:25)

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  3. What kind of sick people cut off peoples' heads?
    (Ratko, 17 September 2007 21:50)

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  4. «It would be intellectually insulting to say that Izetbegovic did not know of the crimes being committed by Mujaheddin ...»

    I completely agree with you. I think that the three leaders knew of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and they tolerated these acts which make the three war criminals... and the three are dead before justice was done to innocent civilians who died because of their policies.

    In conclusion, I would add that Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia could not have worst leaders than them at a time where they could have made the difference if they had not been such nationalists ans so poor in judgment and common sense.
    (Victor, 18 September 2007 00:41)

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  5. "There is also footage of the mujaheddin playing football using, instead of a ball, "a decapitated head."

    Is this a misprint or is this clearly seen on the video?
    (Roger7, 18 September 2007 03:30)

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  6. Ratko:

    You ask "What kind of sick people cut off peoples' heads?"

    A: KLA and other ethnic Albanian extremist/irregular groups
    (vrnjak, 18 September 2007 03:49)

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  7. I hope B92 will ask for a comment to the shown video from the International War Crimes Tribunal - Carla del Ponte in particular.
    (Bent Jensen, 18 September 2007 10:47)

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