A major scandal: Discovered by accident, Kadyrov involved. The details are awful.

According to some Ukrainian media, Russia is shattered by a major scandal after a memo from Russian NTV, which also mentions Kadyrov, was leaked to the public.

Source: Jutarnji list

Namely, in the NTV memo, it is stated that their journalist, who was sent to report from the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, was raped.

As Jutarnji list reports, it concerns journalist Olga Zenkova, who is considered Putin's propagandist.

She went to Melitopol, which was occupied by the Russians at the beginning of the war, in order to make a report. However, as stated, she ran into the infamous Chechen brigade led by Hasan Ibrahimov, a relative of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, and the soldiers allegedly raped the journalist and beat the cameraman.

Ukrainians write that they found out about that terrible incident completely by accident, because a complaint from NTV was leaked to the public, in which the management of that television urged the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to investigate the case.

The official document was sent to the head of that Investigative Committee, and the broadcaster itself did not want to comment on anything in order to avoid "discrediting the Russian army".


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