Greece serves as a playground for Serbian criminals; We will become Beirut!

After two "Skaljari clan" leaders were assassinated in Athens while dining in a packed restaurant, the Greek press addressed the issue of "imported" criminals

Source: Vecernje novosti
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Chalabala
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Chalabala

According to "Vecernje Novosti", media in Athens underlined the following facts: Far from the reach of Serbian, Montenegrin, Albanian and other police officers of their home countries, the criminal clan members accused of the most heinous crimes are seeking refuge in the warm Mediterranean. But as the small swamp is full of crocodiles - bloody mayhem follows.

Namely, that is how the readers of local portals perceive Greece after the brutal execution of Stevan Stamatovic (43) and Igor Dedovic (43), as many similar comments emerged, following the writing of the Greek media.

"This region turned into a playground for Russian, Serbian and Arab criminals. Over the last five or six years, there has been an increasing number of confrontations. If they are not deported as soon as possible, the southern suburbs will become Beirut!", one resigned reader complained.

For all those who think the coasts of this country are rather serene off-season, one comment comes as a surprise: "Greece is also full of trouble".

And that the aforementioned Russians, Serbs, Arabs are the main villains in the criminal world is evident from the following reaction: "And we thought they were Swedes!" "Our country is full of foreigners who consider Greece a great place for crime, lump sum benefits, illegal immigration. At the same time, Greeks are leaving the country due to such savagery, unfair taxation, miserable wages and pensions," an angered reader wrote.

Some are really outraged. "All the scum of the planet Earth has gathered here and no one is doing anything. But it doesn't matter as long as the Greeks are not called racists and fascists. We deceive ourselves".

Another reader testifies that the country has become a "haven for global criminal actions".

And what does the life of the "ordinary" Greeks look like in a world like this that they resent... "You go to a tavern with your family and you risk your life! Well, this is not happening either in Mexico or in Colombia. Should the children watch their parents being killed?!", someone wrote.


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