6.424 newly infected, 50 people passed away

In the last 24 hours, 6.424 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Serbia.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: EPA-EFE/Filippo Venezia
Ilustracija: EPA-EFE/Filippo Venezia

50 people passed away.

The total number of registered cases from the outburst of the pandemic is 1.037.707.

So far, according to the statistics on the covid19.rs, overall number of 5.964.658 people have been tested, of which 21.545 in the last 24 hours.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 8.996 people lost their lives in our country.

Currently, 6.657 patiets were hospitalized, while 289 are on respirators.

"Virus now attacks pregnant women, too"

The Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr Predrag Sazdanovic, told TV Prva that the virus now attacks children and pregnant women and that it is important for people to vaccinate.

Sazdanovic told TV, it was true that the virus exists and that it was deadly, but also it's a fact that some "citizens of Serbia do not believe in the virus", while it is completely false that the vaccine kills.

"We have to be clear. In order to establish better communication with citizens, we opened this 'Viber' account, which aims to get information as to how our colleagues react in the field," the Secretary of the Ministry of Health pointed out.


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