Big crowds - get ready to wait: Traffic slowed down on the highway Miloš Veliki

On the highway Miloš Veliki from the direction of Belgrade to Čačak, during the afternoon, there was a crowd and a traffic jam on the toll ramp in Preljina.

Source: B92, RINA
Foto: Rina
Foto: Rina

A convoy of vehicles has been formed, and the drivers are waiting to continue the journey for ten to 45 minutes.

"We waited for about 30 minutes, it's not long, but you still can't breathe outside, so those half hours seemed like an eternity. Now we continue on our way to the Montenegrin border, the question is what will await us at Gostun," said Milan Vasilijevic, who set off from Belgrade.

Foto: Rina
Foto: Rina

In the period from 4 pm to 7 pm, 1.597 vehicles entered through the toll ramp in Preljina, the toll was collected for 1.829, which is a total of 3.426 vehicles for three hours.

The situation was normalized only around 7 p.m.

By the way, every Friday we witness the increased intensity of traffic on this section during the summer season, so the Roads of Serbia appeal to drivers to be careful and to adjust their driving to the conditions on the road.

Foto: Rina
Foto: Rina

Big traffic jams were noticed on the Gazela bridge in the direction of the city center, the traffic is slow, but there are no delays.

On the highway, in the direction of the center of Belgrade, larger traffic jams were noticed, and the traffic is slow.


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