Bodies of two Serbian mountaineers found, and a vehicle with Belgrade licence plates

The bodies of two Serbian mountain climbers found on the mountain Volujak in the bordering part between Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro

Source: Tanjug
Joerg Koch/Stringer/Getty images/Ilustracija
Joerg Koch/Stringer/Getty images/Ilustracija

As the Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) - Foca area reports, they got the information on the disappearance of the Serbian citizens from the Republic Civil Protection Administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska, while the bodies were found yesterday, around 5 pm, at 1,700 meters above sea level.

It was pointed out that the climbers had rolled about 200 meters down the rocks, as daily "Nezavisne" carried out.

"They were staying in Hotel Mladost, planning and preparing to climb Mountain Lebrsnik. The investigation into the case has been taken over by the Montenegrin authorities as they are found 1,500 meters into Montenegrin territory", it is said in the Mountain Rescue Service - Foca area.

A vehicle with Belgrade license plates was found in the territory of Mountain Volujak, that probably belonged to the killed mountaineers. The cause of this tragic incident is still unknown.


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