Torrential rain cuts off roads in eastern Serbia

Heavy rain caused flash floods and triggered landslides in town of Kladovo, eastern Serbia, and in several villages in its vicinity.

Source: B92

Kladovo Mayor Radovan Arežina explained that although this town is located on the bank of the Danube, this river was not flooding. However, torrential streams coming down from nearby hills damaged roads and bridges, effectively cutting the town off on all sides.

Arežina said that the municipality sought help from the state-elevel Emergency Situations Headquarters, and that in one of the villages, a woman and her child were stranded on the second floor of a house.

It was announced that helicopters would be used in rescue operations, considering that landslides covered and blocked access roads.

According to reports, nobody was injured in the flooding that occurred as 116 meters of rain per square meter fell in Kladovo on Monday morning.

Heavy rain that fell in the past 24 hours also caused serious problems in the municipality of Majdanpek and its villages, some of which are still recovering from the catastrophic flooding that hit Serbia in May.


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