"Media play important role in battle against corruption"

The media play a very important role in the battle against corruption - but the judiciary plays the key part.

Source: Tanjug

This is what participants of a debate on the role of the media in the battle against corruption said on Wednesday.

Deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Agency Committee Zlata Đorđević said the agency had filed 10 criminal charges in 2014 after reviewing the property and income of public officials, but that it was not enough that the police and prosecutor had to do their part of the work.

President of Transparency Serbia Vladimir Goati stated that the Serbian society had a pronounced tendency towards corruption, and that the real generators of corruption were the political parties.

Leader of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia Vukašin Obradović believes that the media have become a part of the chain of corruption, instead of fighting against it.

"No one has so far dealt with question of how it is possible that money is going from the government to the media in an uncontrolled and non-transparent fashion and what are the consequences of such relations, because you are getting money from those you should be monitoring," Obradović noted.

B92 Editor-in-Chief Veran Matić said the corruption story was also a story of a cultural model, adding that the Serbian society did not recognize corruption as such.

The debate was organized as part of the project Illustrated Dictionary of Corruption, which ANEM is conducting in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Agency, and which is funded by the EU.


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