Man sets himself on fire in front of court

A man in his 60s who on Tuesday morning set himself of fire in front of a courthouse in Zrenjanin, northern Serbia, has not been critically injured.

Izvor: B92, Tanjug

The man, whose name is being withheld, is currently receiving treatment at the local medical emergencies center.

The man poured liquid that he carried in a jar on himself and set himself on fire before running into the courthouse, but guards quickly subdued him, at the same time putting out the flames.

The man managed to pass a note to one of the guards that contained his name, address, and "another sentence" - the content of which has not been revealed to the media, "in the interest of the investigation".

The motive for the self-immolation remains unknown at this time. According to the doctors, the victim received burns on about 25 percent of his body and is currently in a stable condition.


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