KRIK editor arrives to Belgrade; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement

Ministry of Foreign Affairs says KRIK editor, Serbian citizen Stevan Dojcinovic, had not turned to the Serbian Embassy in UAE

Source: Tanjug

He did not ask for consular assistance or protection, and it is the discretion of each state to prevent foreign nationals from entering, according to the ministry, the ministry said.

Dojcinovic is currently on a plane returning to Belgrade.

When presented with the information that Stevan Dojcinovic was detained at Abu Dhabi Airport (UAE) and denied entry to the UAE, after which he was returned to Serbia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Serbian Embassy in Abu Dhabi reported that Dojcinovic did not addressed the Embassy representatives, nor asked for consular assistance and protection.

Also, as it is pointed out, the UAE state authorities did not address the Embassy of Serbia in Abu Dhabi on this occasion, nor did they inform us about the detention of our citizen, including the reasons why he was denied entry into the UAE.

The MFA states that the Ambassador of Serbia, who attended the international conference of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, was informed about the incident at the conference indirectly, by the participants of the conference.

In accordance with diplomatic practice, citizens who are detained by foreign authorities are allowed, on their request, to contact their Embassy to provide consular assistance.

The MFA notes that each state is entitled to prevent the entry of foreign nationals at its own discretion and is under no obligation to give reasons for its position.

The same thing happened to Stevan Dojcinovic earlier, when he was denied entry to the Russian Federation, the statement said.

As for Serbia, the Foreign Ministry, the Government of the Republic of Serbia - have never suggested to any country in the world that they place any Serbian citizen on restrictive lists, nor does it intend to do so, the statement said.

The Embassy of Serbia in Abu Dhabi has asked for information on the reasons for detaining a Serbian citizen and denying him to enter the UAE.


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