Former Croatian Prime Minister sentenced to six years in prison

The Croatian judiciary has delivered a ruling in the "Ina-MOL" affair, sentencing former Croatian PM Ivo Sanader to six years in prison for accepting bribe


In addition to receiving a bribe of € 10 million to hand over management rights to the Hungarians, the former Prime Minister is also accused of agreeing with Zsolt Hernádi, CEO of the Hungarian MOL, to extract a non-profitable part of the Ina gas business, according to the portal

"Ivo Sanader has agreed with Hernádi that he will give over to MOL a casting voice in the business of INA for the amount of EUR 10 million. Using the position and authority of the Prime Minister, he indicated that it is necessary to isolate the gas business from INA and amend the inter-share agreement. On the Government session, he requested from Croatian Government to accept the report by which MOL is granted management rights to the MOL, which the Government approved", the judge said.

If the verdict becomes final, Sanader will have to repay the state 10 million euros at the request of the prosecution.

"During the detailed investigation, 30 witnesses were involved and numerous documents were read, so the criminal panel found Sanader guilty of receiving a bribe, while Hernádi is accused for offering bribe", it is said in the explanation for the bribery indictment.

Zsolt Hernádi, CEO of the Hungarian MOL, was sentenced to two years in prison, but he is not available to the Croatian judiciary.


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