"Strictly confidential letter" regarding Srebrenica disclosed

Top secret letter from 1996 disclosed, containing information that during Srebrenica demilitarization, large quantity of weapons was delivered to BiH army

Source: Tanjug

Until May 7, 1995, a significant amount of weapons were delivered to the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Srebrenica, which was then a demilitarized zone, by an air bridge, which was presented as exclusively humanitarian at the time, according to a confidential letter from the Bosnian Army Commander Rasim Delic, "Vecernje novosti" had insight in.

As stated in a strictly confidential letter sent by the then Commander of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Assembly of BiH on May 30, 1996, 374,982 bullets, 436 diverse bombs, 131 thunderbolts, 44 launchers, 292 launchers RPG7, 59 bazooka mines, one rocket launcher of 107 mm, 28 rockets were delivered to BiH soldiers.

According to the letter, the soldiers received a laser "red lightning" by means of an air bridge, 275 mines of 60mm, 24 zolja grenades, 740 mines from 82 and 122mm.

For everyday needs and rewards to the best fighters in Srebrenica, DM 350,000 was sent from Sarajevo, and additional DM 308,000 for the purpose of "Shahid's Fund".

As "Novosti" reports, Delic reveals in the document that supplies were provided to Alija Izetbegovic fighters in Srebrenica, which was officially demilitarized and protected zone of the UN.
"Even Gorazde hadn't received these funds, and Sarajevo defended itself with much less funds in 1992 and 1993", Delic said in the document.

In this letter, Delic complains that the unfair struggle for power and constant divisions on this basis, the poor attitude of the Police and the Armed Forces of BiH, the murders of political opponents, war profiteering, crime and the poor organization of the defense forces, were the sore internal reasons that led to the fall of Srebrenica back in July 1995.

As "positive results", he mentions massacres of Serbs in 1992, not only in Srebrenica zone, but throughout Podrinje, from Skelani to Zvornik.


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