Palestinian embassy reacts after Djukanovic's Jerusalem trip

The Palestinian embassy in Montenegro has expressed concerned over the inclusion of Jerusalem's Old City in President Milo Djukanovic's visit to Israel.

Source: Beta
(Getty Image, file, illustration)
(Getty Image, file, illustration)

The embassy requested an explanation regarding "this unfortunate move."

"East Jerusalem, including the Old City, is the capital of the State of Palestine, and the fact that it is under military occupation and control of the Israeli Army does not give any legitimacy or right over the city," a statement published late on Thursday said.

It stresssed that international law, United Nations resolutions, including UN Security Council resolutions, the common position of the European Union and the official position of Montenegro, are clear in defining East Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory and refusing recognition of Israeli sovereignty over it.

The embassy now seeks an explanation "from the esteemed Montenegrin presidency regarding this unfortunate move."

The Montenegrin president recently paid a two-day visit to Israel during which he also met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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