RS leader Dodik invited to travel to Crimea

The leader of the Night Wolves, the largest Russian motorcycle club, has invited RS President Milorad Dodik to a bike show in Crimea in August.

Source: Sputnik
(screen capture, file, illustration purposes)
(screen capture, file, illustration purposes)

leksandr Zaldostanov, aka Khirurg (Surgeon), also thanked Dodik in his open letter for the decoration - the Order of Honor with Golden Rays - given to him on the occasion of the recent marking of the day of the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Zaldostanov referred to Dodik as "the son of the true deep Serbia" whose goal is to establish unity of the people.

"When Yugoslavia was split and destroyed in favor of the plan of the authors of the new world order, when, after the bombing of Belgrade, Kosovo was seized, after heroes were condemned and leaders cynically arrested, the Serb people found themselves divided, with leaders emerging who did nothing and accepted the West's messages about the meaninglessness of resistance - then you appeared, the son of the true deep Serbia, and your goal - to establish unity of the people, after which the long-awaited revival will finally occur," Zaldostanov said in his letter, quoted by Sputnik.

The Night Wolves leader also described Dodik as "a very dangerous adversary to his enemies," emphasizing that "the truth is on his side."

"And those who are willing to serve the truth are able to bring down a huge lie, even if they are very few in number," Zaldostanov added.


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