Dodik green-lights adoption of Bosnia's "adapted" SAA

RS President Milorad Dodik has given consent to Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina member Mladen Ivanic to sign the adapted SAA deal with the EU.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Dodik is seen in Belgrade on Thursday (Tanjug)
Dodik is seen in Belgrade on Thursday (Tanjug)

Ivanic represents the Serb entity (RS) in the tripartite presidency.

"I am sending him this message publicly," Dodik said on Friday.

According to Banja Luka media, Dodik said that consensus was reached at all levels concerning the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA).

Dodik, who was in Belgrade on Thursday, said that all concerns related to the agreement had been removed after the talks with the German agriculture minister, Serbian PM-designate Aleksandar Vucic, and representatives of agricultural producers in the RS.

Dodik said it was agreed with the German minister "to find a way to help agriculture in the RS."

"The SAA enters into force on January 1 next year and there is plenty of time to do everything. In the coming months we expect a series of measures which will be set up together with Germany," said Dodik.

Bosnia-Herzegovina signed the SAA in 2008, while the coming into force of the "adapted" version is expected to resume the country's path toward the EU, according to reports.

Banja Luka-based daily Nezavisne Novine reported later on Friday that this version of the document was adopted today in a telephone conference held by the three members of the Presidency.


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