Parents support Bosnian jihadi who made threats against U.S.

The parents of a Bosnian member of Islamic State who recently made threats against U.S. cities are supporting him "in what he is doing."

(Screen capture)
(Screen capture)

This has been reported by the Croatian website Index, that identified the man as Jasmin Keserovic.

Keserovic's parents revealed that he dropped out of high school in Zavidovici, a town in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after attending it for six months - another thing they supported. The reason Keserovic left school, they said, was that his teachers "would not let him perform his daily prayers."

After this, Keserovic went to the Bosnian village of Gornja Maoca - known for the radical Islamist activity - where he spent three years before "going to the front."

"He went to war in 2013. If I could see him now, I would tell him to continue to fight for Allah," said Keserovic's father.

His mother was unwilling to speak in front of the camera, but said that "if she had ten more sons, she would send them all to the front."

"One has to have courage for what he is fighting for," the woman said.

Keserovic's parents also told reporters they last spoke with their son "a month ago via Skype," but have had no contact with him since.


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