"Extremists publish plan to abolish Serb entity in Bosnia"

The Facebook group "Bosniaks" has published a map of Bosnia-Herzegovina and "guidelines and a detailed plan on the use of military forces to abolish the RS."

Source: Tanjug

As stated, if Serb Republic (RS) President Milorad Dodik "tried to use a referendum to forcefully separate" the Serb entity in Bosnia - "the map provides guidance to completely abolish the RS forever using military forces, and return Bosnia-Herzegovina to the old constitution."

This has been reported by the Banja Luka-based daily Nezavisne Novine.

"It would take a few brave guys who would go to the Drina River and mine, and detonated what they had mined, i.e., the destruction of all bridges toward the Republic of Serbia, further cutting off of the 'corridor' near Brcko," the post read, adding that the RS would be divided in two parts while the corridor should be guarded in the same way "they held it during the war."

Further, these "military actions plans" envisage using the town of Gorazde "to act on the border of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, and thus separate eastern Herzegovina from eastern Bosnia, after which formations from Krajina and the Donji Vrbas region would strike Mrkonjic Grad and shortened the front line by a few kilometers of the border."

The mentioned corridors and positions would be held, said the Facebook group, "until official Banja Luka (RS) agreed to accept the demands of the 'Federalists'," - an apparent reference to Bosnia's other entity, the Muslim-Croat Federation (FBiH).

Commenting on this, security expert Predrag Ceranic "warned that such things definitely should not be overlooked by those dealing with security issues in Bosnia-Herzegovina, because they represent a threat and danger."

He, however, said it is "quite possible that something like this will go unpunished and uninvestigated."

Ceranic also "warned that the man who was detained for the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was wearing a t-shirt at the time that read 'OG jug (OG south)'."

"OG can stand only and exclusively for 'operative group', and if there is operative group south, then there are north, east and west ones, which is just another confirmation of such formations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Unfortunately, nobody asked him during the questioning what that was about," said Ceranic.

Terrorism expert Dzevad Galijasevic believes that "this kind of thing should be taken seriously as it is no joke."

"The above mentioned locations are indeed of great importance, they are the so-called red points or bottlenecks the seizing and controlling of which would paralyze the RS," he warned.

He claims that such plans have existed since the end of the war in Bosnia, in 1995.

In Galijasevic's opinion, "this represents yet more proof that Sarajevo never accepted Dayton (peace agreement) and never gave up on abolishing the RS and the Dayton agreement, and on making a unitary state."

Sakib Softic, who teaches at University of Sarajevo, however, commented by saying that "every nation has extremist groups whom peace does not suit and who only realize their plans during wars."

"I would not pay too much attention to what these radical extreme groups think. It is of far more importance what political decision-makers and the vast majority of Bosnian citizens think, that is, whether they are in favor of conflicts at a time when we are brought to the point of disappearance, both demographically, and economically," he said, adding that "it would be normal that there is law and order in the country, and that such persons are arrested and face criminal proceedings."


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