“Wahhabis threaten Bosnia’s security”

Bosnian Federation police director Zlatko Miletić said the Wahhabi activity posed a threat to the whole country.

Source: Beta, B92

Miletić did not wish to confirm whether the Federation’s MUP was undertaking an investigation into the sources that financed the group of Wahhabis lead by Jusuf Barčić in Kalesija, saying only that the Wahhabi issue in Bosnia was “interesting in the broader context of the fight against terrorism.”

“We are cooperating with other police and intelligence services,” Miletić told Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine.

Asked whether in some instances physical conflicts between Wahhabis and local Muslims reported recently could escalate, Miletić said that scenario was unlikely, however repeating the situation was such that it threatened the security in the Federation and the entire country.

Late last month, locals in Kalesija reported they were forbidden to play music, while their women were forced to cover themselves by the Wahhabis there, who called the local Muslims “infidels”.

The group led by Jusuf Barčić gathered in the village slaughterhouse, “performing religious service”, while other locals went to the mosque, located several kilometers away, according to an earlier Nezavisne Novine report. 

The locals told the newspaper that at night the Wahhabis in the slaughterhouse played cassettes originating from military operations in the Bosnian war.


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