The draft Law on protecting KLA values was not adopted

„Draft Law on the Protection of KLA Values“ was not passed in the Assembly of Kosovo today, because it received the support of only 35 deputies.

Source: Kosovo online

Deputies of the Self-Determination movement Vetëvendosje and deputies of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo did not vote today for the Draft Law on Protection of KLA War Values, Kosovo online reports.

Only 35 deputies voted in favor of the law, while one was against.

All PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo) deputies present at the session voted for the law, along with the MPs of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, NISMA and MPs of non-Serb minorities.

Although the session was attended by Self-Determination MPs and LDK (Democratic League of Kosovo) MPs, they did not participate in the vote at all, blocking the adoption of the law on the protection of KLA war values.

Earlier, the embassies of the USA, Germany, Switzerland, as well as the EU and OSCE Offices objected to the Draft Law, because they believe that it endangers the freedom of speech and the rights of citizens.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that the Law on the Protection of the KLA values, which the Priština authorities plan to adopt, is an attempt to force Serbs to think like Albanians and to be arrested if they speak differently.

By the way, the Law also determines the "institutional and civil obligation for the protection of the values ​​of the KLA fight", and as it is stated, whoever does not respect the provisions, will be prosecuted. It also includes the obligation of public officials and others to respect those values under the threat of legal sanctions.

This draft law was largely criticized by Belgrade officials, as well as by ambassadors of the US and Germany to Pristina, who said that the draft law, among other things, criminalizes free speech.

Representatives of Serbs in Kosovo warned earlier that they were worried about the announcement of voting for the Draft Law on Protecting the KLA values, which, as the American Ambassador points out, will additionally restrict their already limited freedom of speech in Kosovo.


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