Media: Another country to withdraw Kosovo's recognition

Another country should revoke recognition of an independent Kosovo by the end of the week, Sputnik learned from diplomatic sources

Source: Sputnik
Foto: EPA/Kushtrim Ternava
Foto: EPA/Kushtrim Ternava

Unless unforeseen changes occur, it will be the 18th country to change the decision to recognize an independent Kosovo.

The Serbian state leadership has been pressed in recent weeks by Western power centers to give up lobbying for recognition, and for Pristina to repeal its anti-civilization decision on the tariffs for the products from Serbia.

But President Vucic said that this political swap was unacceptable and that it was an unfair exchange, a quid pro quo.

Since the declaration of independence of the so-called Kosovo (taking place in 2008) up till 2012, 84 countries recognized Kosovo, and since 2014, when Ivica Dacic assumed the role of foreign minister, 17 countries have withdrawn recognition, while seven have recognized Kosovo.


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