Pristina accuses EU official of "taking Belgrade's side"

Haradinaj's cabinet chief, Avni Arifi, has accused EU's Federica Mogherini of taking the side of Belgrade by "conditioning the continuation of the dialogue."

Source: Tanjug
(EPA, file, illustration)
(EPA, file, illustration)

The EU foreign policy chief reiterated on Monday demand that Pristina "revokes or suspends" taxes on products from Serbia increased by 100 percent, in order to continue the dialogue, and expressed readiness to schedule a meeting at the highest level the very next day this happens.

Responding to this statement, Arifi said Mogherini has made it clear that the dialogue will not continue.

Arifi told the Pristina-based Gazeta Express on Tuesday that this position of the EU is a precedent because taxes "have nothing to do with the continuation of the dialogue."

Given that Mogherini has supported the request of one side (Belgrade), the EU commissioner has lost her credibility, said Arifi.


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