Here's Pristina's platform for dialogue with Belgrade

The proposal of Pristina's platform for continued dialogue with Belgrade has been submitted to the Kosovo Assembly.

Source: Tanjug

It envisages, among other things, (Serbia's) recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, Tanjug is reporting on Friday, citing Pristina-based daily Zeri.

The platform also seeks the abolition of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, and establishment of a court for crimes allegedly committed by Serbs during the conflict in the territory of Kosovo

According to Zeri, who had insight into this document, the platform also states that any agreement offered to Pristina for signing "should be in accordance with the Kosovo Constitution."

The platform does not deal with the demands of Belgrade, the US and the EU to revoke Pristina's taxes on goods from Serbia, recently increased by 100 percent - Belgrade's condition to continue the dialogue.

"For the Republic of Kosovo, according to this platform, the legally binding final agreement would come into force only after fulfilling the following conditions: Serbia recognizes Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, a referendum on the agreement is held in Kosovo and the agreement is ratified by both states."

The document, prepared by the Pristina team for the continuation of the dialogue, states that "the main purpose of the Republic of Kosovo is to ensure recognition and acceptance of the sovereignty of Kosovo as a state within the existing borders."

It is further stated that no agreement with Belgrade can be signed until agreement is reached on all issues.

The platform also envisages the promotion of the rights of the Albanian community in Serbia, as stated, with full reciprocity with the rights of the Serb community in Kosovo.

It also states that in Kosovo there cannot be a second level of rule, except local and central.

As for the rights to Kosovo's natural resources, particular emphasis is put on avoiding the risk of losing Lake Gazivode and the Trepca mine in the north, it is stated that all property located in Kosovo territory is belongs exclusively to Kosovo, and that this is non-negotiable.

Finally, it is noted that an agreement with Belgrade will be reached with the mediation of the EU and with the support of the US, which should also serve as a guarantor for the implementation of the obligations foreseen by the future agreement, Zeri said.


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