Hungarian FM "defending Serbia strongly and vocally"

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has thanked Hungary the support the country provides to Serbia on its path to the EU.

Source: Tanjug

Speaking at a ceremony to open a new border crossing between the two countries, Dacic said on Tuesday that his Hungarian counterpart, Peter Szijjarto, was "a consistent and vocal advocate of the (EU) enlargement policy and, and sees precisely Serbia as the first next EU member - in which, from our point of view, he is fully right."

"Hungary has essential understanding of Serbia's aspirations towards the EU," he said, and added:

"Serbia is often being accused of some concept of 'a Greater Serbia'. The greatest Serb in international relations right now is Peter Szijjarto, because he is defending Serbia so vocally, strongly and bravely in difficult moments. Maybe others think alike, but it needs to also be said."

Dacic added that in the last five years there had been great progress in relations between Hungary and Serbia, making things that once seemed impossible normal - "and this should be a model for others."

He added that there was room for further development of cooperation between Serbia and Hungary, especially in the fields of politics, economy, investment, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, culture.

Dacic stressed that ethnic minorities living in both countries represented a link of cooperation, while the two countries were committed to making joint efforts to improve the position of Serbs in Hungary and Hungarians in Serbia.

"I am sure that this bridge of cooperation will further strengthen and make a contribution in the time ahead," Dacic said.

Szijjarto pointed out that Hungary believes that Serbia has a place in the EU.

"Maybe others think that too, but we say it out loud," Szijjarto noted.

He added that Serbia provides much more rights to the Hungarian community in Serbia than some other Hungarian neighbors who are EU, members - and that Hungary does not allow Serbia to be criticized on the issue of minorities.

"Hungary offers all possible support to Serbia, to accelerate negotiations and its entry into the EU. Serbia will be ready to enter the EU much sooner than 2025, as the EU has determined," he said.


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