EU doesn't know what binding Kosovo agreement will look like

Johannes Hahn says the EU has no plan regarding the contents of a future legally binding agreement on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

Source: Tanjug

The EU commissioner spoke at a conference in Belgrade, adding that this document would not mean recognition (of Kosovo by Serbia) - and that the EU "has no solution prepared in advance" but that instead, "everything depends on the outcome of the (Belgrade-Pristina) dialogue."

"The paper is completely empty," Hahn said.

Two days after the presentation of EU's enlargement strategy for the Western Balkans, the EU official in charge of neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations said that "because of past lessons, the EU will not accept any new members unless they first resolve open bilateral issues."

Hahn also stated that there was no time frame for resolving the Kosovo issue by 2019, but that the said agreement should be concluded by the time of accession to the EU.

"I do not want to prejudge the outcome of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. A solution should be reached through the dialogue that would lead to a legally binding agreement. There are many possibilities for a solution and it is too early to speak about a concrete one," he said, when asked whether the agreement, demanded by the EU, would mean "recognition."

"It's still a completely empty paper," the EU commissioner underlined.

At the same time, Hahn emphasized that normalization of relations with Pristina, and the solving of bilateral issues are merely additional elements, which cannot compensate for meeting other obligations.

"Everything has to be done, and this is clearly stated in the strategy," he said, pointing out that the EU will not ease up on any issue, or the conditions that are well known.

Hahn also stressed that the strategy "gives a European perspective to Kosovo, too."


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