DS leader challenges PM to televised debate

Democratic Party (DS) President Bojan Pajtic has challenged Serbian Prime Minister and SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic to a televised debate.

Source: Tanjug

According to Pajtic - whose party is in opposition at the state level, but in power in the province of Vojvodina - by accepting, Vucic would "show that Serbia is a normal, democratic country, free from media censorship."

"Serbian citizens deserve information and truth, which they can get through seeing a direct confrontation of opinions and results of work of political leaders, instead of through seeing exchange of insults and hearing lies coming from the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) every day," the DS said in a statement on Tuesday.

"If he rejects this invitation and continues to harass the citizens of Serbia with his shameless extraordinary press conferences or monologues before frightened reporters, we will continue to be a country devoid of all media freedoms," the party said.

"Try the prosecutor"

The Vojvodina provincial committee of the SNS-allied Movement of Socialists (PS) reacted to this by telling Bojan Pajtic that the only debate he should and can have is one "with the public prosecutor."

"Bojan Pajtic has already said everything he had to say and the citizens are tired of his lies, and considering what he and his associates have been doing over the past fifteen years, the only person Bojan Pajtic should meet head-to-head is the public prosecutor," the PS said.

"Bojan Pajtic is politically too irrelevant for anyone to enter a serious debate with him and he is aware that the only debate he has left is the election debate with the citizens of Vojvodina, which he is desperately trying to avoid as he fears losing it," said the party, led by cabinet minister Aleksandar Vulin.


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