Ex-French officer in Kosovo speaks out against UNESCO bid

A former commander of a French special unit that was part of NATO's KFOR in Kosovo says UNESCO should not allow Kosovo to join.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

According to Colonel Jacques Hogard, Kosovo does not belong there.

"I have a message for UNESCO - do not cave in under pressure because the same people who were destroying and burning (Serb heritage in Kosovo), now want to join UNESCO. Kosovo does not belong there," he told the Belgrade-based daily Blic.

The newspaper noted its report that Hogard, who comes from a noble French family, in 1999 "saved the Devic Monastery near Srbica and its sisterhood although it was not the primary task of the French special unit he commanded."

For this selfless and courageous act Hogard, who is "the twelfth generation of soldiers in his family," was awarded the Order of St. Sava.

After 26 years of service and after returning from Kosovo, the Frenchman, referred to as "the Christian officer," left the army, writes the daily.

"Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo, which is world heritage, must be saved. Albanians and their authorities have two stories. One of the world where they are good and considerate, and another in Kosovo, where there is the real life. And there, they do not protect churches and monasteries, they destroy them," says Hogard.

He further noted that "when he saw how Serbian monasteries were being destroyed, he could not stand it."

"So many centuries and history in one place. Kosovo is not only full of Serbian heritage, but is also, because of it, one of the cradles of European Christianity," Hogard concluded.


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