"Serbia is safe country, no need to worry" - police director

Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljovic has said that Serbia is "a safe country despite the increased number of migrants."

Source: Tanjug

Citizens "have no reason to worry," he said on Thursday.

Commenting on Italy's recent advisory

to its citizens traveling to Serbia and other parts of the Western Balkans, Veljovic said Serbia is "a completely safe country," and that "the police are the ones guaranteeing safety."

"The fact is that this number of migrants that gravitate toward farther on always brings with it the possibility of something that would not be in anyone's interest" - he has been quoted as saying during a news conference in Belgrade.

Veljovic then added that the Serbian police will, together with colleagues from Austria, Germany and Hungary, "set up a database on all migrants in order to have information about them."

"Citizens should not worry about their safety, while the police is the one that must provide it to them, and which guarantees it," he said.

Veljovic earlier in the day met with his counterparts from Austria, Germany and Hungary to discuss "joint activities in suppressing illegal migrants."


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