Nikolić says Serbia is "firmly on European road"

President Tomislav Nikolić met with Slovak Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak and told him that Serbia is "firmly on the European road."

Source: Tanjug

According to Nikolić, "Serbia knows it is the only option that can lead to progress and a better life for all its citizens."

“The talks between Belgrade and Priština in Brussels are going well, although the (ethnic) Albanians are trying to obstruct them,” the president said.

Nikolić added Belgrade had previously been forced to do things that were bad, but today, it is no longer the case, according to the Serbian president's press office.

“Although burdened with a lot of problems, the preparations for elections in Kosovo and Metohija are going well for now,” President Nikolić said, adding that yesterday’s killing of an EULEX staff member must be fully investigated urgently.

Nikolić stressed that that Serbia has excellent relations with countries in the region and that he has had friendly meetings with the presidents of all the countries in the region, announcing that Croatian President Ivo Josipović will visit Serbia soon.

“We have achieved a historic reconciliation with Hungary, bilateral relations with Bulgaria are improving, relations with Greece and Macedonia, just as with the most of our neighbors, are very good. Serbia has regained its former good reputation and credibility in the international context,” said the Serbian president.

Lajcak said that he can feel the enthusiasm being there concerning the beginning of Serbia’s negotiations with the EU and expressed his satisfaction about the choice of the chief negotiator in the talks.

The decisions made by the senior country officials were brave and they were taken for Serbia’s well-being, Lajcak said, adding that it is vital that the Serb institutions in Kosovo gain legitimacy and legality after the elections are held there in November.

Tendencies to impose additional conditions on Serbia before the start of the negotiations have no support in the majority of the European Union member states, stressed Lajcak.

He pointed out that Serbia enjoys strong support from the majority of the EU member countries and since the European Union is emerging from recession, room will be there for Serbia to join these positive trends.


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