URS left out in reshuffle, no early elections

The Progressives (SNS) will "continue work in the government, but with even stricter limitations when it comes to results," says Aleksandar Vučić.

Source: B92

Speaking after a meeting of his party's presidency, the first deputy PM in Ivica Dačić's cabinet said that a majority of the presidency was "in favor of (early) elections."

"We were ready for talks with (URS leader and Finance and Economy Minister Mlađan) Dinkić, although that is not popular today. We were trying to find a compromise and the best solution for Serbia," Vučić continued.

The SNS presidency met on Wednesday after Dačić, who heads the Socialists Party (SPS), on Tuesday afternoon announced that unless the Progressives agreed to leave the United Regions of Serbia (URS) out of the reshuffled cabinet, they had the option to call early elections, or form a new ruling coalition without the SPS.

Vučić said today that his party intended to see the government continue with the same partners, "because it is better if more heads are deciding," that the decision they made was "difficult", and that he asked the presidency not to opt for early elections.

"They accepted this unanimously. Elections are not the best solution for Serbia. Countless important contracts are ahead of us, the stability is important. The biggest problem, that often seems impossible to resolve, is the atmosphere in which the government is doing its work, the mocking of everything it does. Nothing's good enough, even when greatest experts are brought in," he was quoted as saying.

Vučić then said that he would "talk with foreigners" so they may "take over a few portfolios" in the reshuffled government, and that its composition would be known "after August 20".

Vučić also stressed that his party was "in agreement with Dinkić's demands which concerned the SNS portfolios," and that he expected Dinkić to attend the signing of the Jat Airways-Etihad strategic partnership agreement on Thursday.

Speaking about his relationship with Dačić and his Socialists, the SNS leader said that he never put the condition before Dačić - who serves as PM and interior minister - that he "must leave the ministry of police."

"And I could have done that, and that condition would have been accepted," he noted.

Vučić also said that during his last meeting with Dačić and Dinkić, he reasserted that he "did not wish to become prime minister without elections."


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