Dačić "not too satisfied with historic decision"

Prime Minister Dačić says the decision of the European Council to open accession negotiations was final, historic, but that "Serbia was not too satisfied."

Source: Tanjug

A meeting of ministers of all 28 member states will be held no later in January at the request of Germany, he announced on Friday, adding:

"We are not too satisfied because it will be in January, but in any case this is a historic day."

Dačić also said that the decision was not only final, but that there were "no additional conditions."

"I announced this yesterday because President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy called on the phone to inform us about the proposal," Dačić said, adding that "this proposal today changed for the better."

"Today, negotiations were opened, no additional conditions and new meetings of the European Council, the decision is final," Dačić said.

"We're not too happy with this term because we believe that it could be earlier, but at the request of Germany it was so defined," Dačić said.

According to him, a reason to be satisfied is that the negotiating framework that should be adopted could be confirmed at an earlier meeting of the European Council, and not in December.


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