DS: Tadić moving out "for security reasons"

The Democratic Party (DS) has stated that their leader Boris Tadić on Friday started moving out from a villa he has been living in while he served president.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The DS pointed out that Tadić’s moving out was “primarily a matter of security”.

On May 20, Tadić lost his bid to be elected the country's president for a third term to Tomislav Nikolić.

“The DS has since the end of the electoral process been in a procedure of finding an adequate housing. The matter of DS leader Boris Tadić’s moving is primarily a security issue,” the party pointed out.

The DS added that it would rent a place for Tadić and that the public would be informed in due time “in a transparent manner that ensures the necessary security.”

“For the sake of true and complete informing of the public, it is important to stress that the house in 23 Lackovićeva St. has never been a residence of a president of Serbia or former Yugoslavia,” the DS pointed out.

The party added in the release that Tadić had never lived in the presidential residences in 15 Užička St. and 23 Užička St. and that they were at Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić’s disposal.

Daily Večernje Novosti has reported that Nikolić took over the office in the residence in 23 Užička St. and that he should soon move into the villa Tadić had lived in.


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