Seven arrested in connection to attacks on Serb returnees

The minister for Communities and Returns in the Kosovo government says that seven suspects in attacks on Serb returnees in Klina and Istok have been arrested.

Source: Beta

Dalibor Jevtic praised the Kosovo police because of this, the Beta agency reported.

Jevtic said that "according to information from the Kosovo Police for the Pec region, six ethnic Albanians and one Montenegrin have been arrested."

"This is very good news, both for me and the institution headed by me that cares for returnees, as well as for the returnees themselves. It is good news because it gives us hope for a better tomorrow, while it sends a clear message to the offenders that no one who commits an offense shall go unpunished. The meetings and the permanent contacts we have had with representatives of local government and the police in Klina, and their promises to work to shed light on the perpetrators of the incidents have given results, which is laudable and I thank them for that," said Jevtic.

According to him, the detentions "send a clear message that will contribute not only to those working on the return of Serbs to Kosovo, but also to all who have an interest in the return of the displaced to be sustainable, and in the security for all in Kosovo to be at a high level."

At the initiative Jevtic and Minister of Local Self-Government Administration Ljubomir Maric, it was decided that returnees in Klina would be "cared for" by members of the Kosovo police from the Serb community. "It is expected that in the future the Kosovo police in the Pec region will be staffed with more Serb," Jeftic said in a statement quoted by Beta.

All this comes after a series of attacks in Klina and Istok over the past month that targeted Serb returnees.


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