Pay toll on motorways in Seriba up for 12 pct: RSD 2.130 worth ride to N. Macedonia

Serbia’s Parliament adopted the changes to the Law on the Use of Publicly Owned Resources and raised the pay tolls on countries’ motorways by 12 percent

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Foto: Depositphotos/rasica
Foto: Depositphotos/rasica

The law will come to force eight days from the publication in the Official Gazette. Serbia's Parliament also adopted today the Law on constructing highway E-761, more precisely, road section Pojate-Preljina, 110 kilometers long.

In the rationale for this move, it was stated that state budget for 2019 envisaged credit debt with foreign investment corporations and funds amounting to EUR 800 million, for the implementation of this project. Moravian corridor will link all major populated places in the region such as: Cicevac, Stalac, Krusevac, Trstenik, Vrnjacka Banja, Kraljevo, Cacak.

Corridor will present a direct link between corridors 10 and 11, thus enhancing internal connection between western and southeastern parts of Serbia with its southern and southeastern parts, and further with Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović stated earlier that the construction might commence in July, lasting for two and a half years. Mihajlovic added that Moravian corridor is involved in three projects: highway construction, regulation works on the Morava river and the surrounding watercourses, and construction of telecommunication magistrale that would follow the route of this road.

In accordance with higher costs, highway ride will cost RSD 4.07/km instead of RSD 3.64 per kilometer. Belgrade - Nis ride will cost RSD 896 instead of RSD 800. Tourists heading to the south, to Presevo, would need to set aside RSD 605, which is RSD 65 more than the present cost.

Subotica-Belgrade ride would cost RSD 627. Bottom line is that taking Corridor 10, from the north to the south, you will need RSD 2.130. This is the amount higher than current one for RSD 230. Given that road section through Grdelica is completed, pay toll in one direction will cost almost RSD 500 more than the current one.

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