High speed rail line to Budapest to be in use from 2018

Serbian citizens will be able to use a modernized high-speed rail line from Belgrade to Budapest from 2018, PM Aleksandar Vucic said in Novi Sad on Wednesday.

Source: Tanjug

Speaking at a ceremony to promote the project he specified that the rail line from Belgrade to Novi Sad "must be opened in 2018."

"It is a major thing for our country. We will finish everything in two and a half years. I expect us to set off together with our Chinese and Hungarian colleagues from Belgrade to Budapest and show what can be done when people are committed and believe what can be done," Vucic noted.

He said that the rail line will connect "two friendly nations, citizens of Serbia and Hungary, as well as Serbia with Central and Western Europe and Hungary with Eastern and Southern Europe."

Taking a seat on a promotional ride, Infrastructure, Transport, and Construction Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that the high-speed rail project was being implemented "thanks to PM Aleksandar Vucic."

She noted that the 80-kilometer trip today from Belgrade to Novi Sad took over an hour - while in three years' time "it will take only half an hour."

Project launched

The strategic project of the modernization of the Belgrade-Budapest rail line was launched in Novi Sad on Wednesday, with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang's message that the start of works is a major step and sign that the concrete cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries reached a historic level.

We are convinced that the rail line will give a strong impetus, improve infrastructure development, interconnections and traffic flow, citizens' life, boost the EU integration process and ensure better connections between China and the EU, Li said in the message of congratulations to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

At the launch of this important strategic project of Serbia, Hungary and China, the message of congratulations was read to Vucic by Chinese Ambassador Li Manchang.

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