The battle for the babies begins

Humanitarian campaign for the donation of 100 incubators


"The very first donation that the Institute for Neonatology got directly, after the news about this was aired on TV B92, was from the Ministry of Health, and those are funds for the purchase of five incubators. AIGO BS Company from Belgrade has already donated one incubator to the Institute, while the Company Vlasinka would donate another two pieces. Apart from the mentioned eight incubators, B92 Fund has thus far raised a sum amounting to almost EUR 200.000, and ordered first twenty incubators, out of which 15 will go to the Institute for Neonatology, while five will be directed to the Novi Sad based Institute for health care of children and youth. After that, we will, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, place the rest sixty incubators all over Serbia, according to priorities“, said director of B92 Fund, Veran Matić on the yesterday’s media conference held in the Institute for Neonatology, announcing the beginning of humanitarian campaign "Battle for the Babies“.

In Serbia, incubators are more than 40 years old – older than the parents of many prematurely born babies, which serve as their first home. The warranty for hose incubators expired a long time ago, spare parts are almost impossible to provide, while servicing becomes an impossible mission. The death rate of babies weighing up to 999 grams is 60 per cent in our country, while in the EU and the U.S., it is around 15 per cent. Under such circumstances, the basic human right has been endangered – a right to live! In order to defend those right, health institutions in Serbia need a hundred new, up-to-date incubators. The efforts taken up by the individuals, state and state institutions are not enough and cannot solve the problem, so our goal is to stimulate individuals to call upon companies to take part in this wide front in the battle for defending basic human right of the babies – the right to live.

Institute for Neonatology is the unique republic institute of the tertiary level, with 89 year long tradition, in which for the last 10 years, 11,852 prematurely born babies and endangered newborns were taken care of. Institute presently has 93 incubators, out of which four are out of order, while 35 incubators are more than 30 years old.

“Incubator is a part of medical equipment necessary for the babies, as apart from giving them a chance to live, it should provide them with the best possible care, including favorable treatment result. It really means a lot to us that B92 Fund has recognized our needs and decided to help in this way, not only to our Institute, but also offering help to the youngest citizens of Serbia”, said Professor Dr Niveska Božinovic Prekajski, director of the Institute for Neonatology.

On the website, the citizens will be able to vote for the companies they are confident that could help saving human lives. They will choose companies heroes and invite them to give their contribution in this crucial battle.

This is a battle of the smallest and the youngest fighters the world has ever seen. But this battle isn’t and shouldn’t be just their battle. Therefore, we invite you to join us in this battle for collecting funds for buying a hundred new incubators. It is crucial that the public in Serbia should be duly and thoroughly informed about this humanitarian campaign. As this is the field of your expertise, and that your invitation could be crucial, we believe that you are going to join us in this campaign so that we can win together. Their lives depend on you, as the heroes cannot fight alone.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that in Serbia today, we are waging battle that is not being described in a heroic way. This is the battle without medals. The battle in which the only prize is human life. This is a battle of the smallest and the youngest fighters the world has ever seen.

This is the battle for all brave people. This is the battle for life. This is the battle for the babies!

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