1. what a joke, and why are those people constantly lying, even to their own citizens? There will be no local serbian elections anywhere in Kosova. Period!!! and participation in serbian federal elections will only be possible for people who hold a serbian passport. There will be no polling stations inside Kosova, and voting will only be possible through an absentee ballod, which is by mail, or in a serbian embassy or consulate, which nowhere exists in Kosova. This is international standart, and nothing else will happen.
    (Willi Pfaff, 31 March 2012 12:18)

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  2. Elections organised by Serbi will NOT be held in the territory of K0sova...

    Good day
    (seon, 31 March 2012 11:12)

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  3. Radovan, 30 March 2012 20:39 ??
    There may be some people (serbs) who actively and consciosly want to do the wrong thing.
    (Rocky, 30 March 2012 23:02)

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  4. Proof that Serbian elections can take place in all of Kosovo as it happened in the past. There is even place for EA to stand in line and cast his ballot for his favorite politician without intimidation, except from his own people.

    To be respectfull, the Serbs should be able to hold elections. Pristina agreed to be represented with a footnote regarding their questionable status. Therefore, they shouldn't be afraid to let others hold elections since they agreed that they are not a fully free state, but a fledging narco state with US and western backing.... Surprise!.
    (Radovan, 30 March 2012 20:39)

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  5. The title reads "Elections will be held in Kosovo, Serb leader is confident"

    That needs to be changed to "Serbs leader will be held in Kosovo, Serb leader is confident"

    KPS is going to lock you up! Its only a matter of time. Break the laws of Kosova and you go to jail or house arrest. Serbs breaking the laws are already going to jail as we speak and there's nothing Serbia can do nor have they done anything besides put a key in the back of the wind up doll named Ivica Dacic, wind him up with a few turns and listen to him say nonsense that he takes back the following day.
    (USA United States of Albania, 30 March 2012 19:56)

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  6. Ivanović also accused the government in Priština of "perpetrating ethnically motivated violence through a recent series of arrests, systematic pressure and intimidation targeting Serbs."

    Keep on saying that...for the rest of your life...

    "The final goal is to intimidate Serbs" and

    "shut down Serb institutions in Kosovo and Metohija," and all

    "that is supposed to lead to assimilation of Serbs or their exile from this area," he stated."

    You got it!

    And what is your goal?

    To look after the well-being of local Serbs? Noooo

    To improve the local roads? No

    Better equipped hospitals? No as that is Russia's job.

    Smuggling? Yes

    Listen to the government in Serbia? No

    Let's not talk about the listening of government in Prishtina.

    Sloboda....Oh Yes....

    If you can get away with all the above....Carry on!
    (EA, 30 March 2012 19:36)

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