1. There was "regular" flow of information, goods, weapons and people between ALL parties took place in wars on territory of ex- Yugoslavia.., even jokes of the day (Vukovar) exchanged over portable radio stations.. For Mafia, actually, war does not exist as patriotic act (only)- but profit source (also) where all parties cooperate even better, sometimes, than in the time of peace.. The question is: Why many of us never pay for that BLIC??! IS THIS YELLOW PRESS?? BTW, can you find to me a single war (except Falkland) those things didn't happen??! What the hell people think war is?! Is that about disciplined formations going against each other only?? (would be romantic, even) Do you know what means TOTAL MESS?? Human trafficking? THAT'S "BULLET" IN THE ARSENAL OF WAR EVIL.., IT'S NOT, EVEN, A "GRENADE" !!
    (ZMAJ, 15 January 2009 00:26)
  2. And who said serbs and albanians can't work together?
    (MikeC, 14 January 2009 18:02)
  3. String them all up, regardless of nationality.

    Only disgusting evil people can do this.
    (Peggy, 31 December 2008 06:02)
  4. Well Biljiana, at this level of horror, the nationality is irrelevant...but as you truly pointed, any of these people should be able to see the daylight anymore!
    (The Swiss, 30 December 2008 18:36)
  5. the serbs mentioned in this article committed their worse crimes in kosovo where they murdered civilians including children. the same goes for the albanians in question if they really did what they are accused of in gnjilane. human trafficking is actually harmless in comparison (it usually just involves smuggling people who want to go to western europe accross one of the schengen borders). human traffickers are scum, of course, but not on the same level as war criminals. but as we see the same people can do both.

    but if all this turns out to be true you have to wonder why the criminals on both sides can cooperate and regular people can't?
    (malcolm x, 30 December 2008 18:01)
  6. If these allegations turn out to be true then I can only express my deepest regret due to the fact that any Serb could have been involved in such crime.

    Those criminals of the worst kind do not deserve to live thus it is pity that there is no death sentence any longer. Death sentence would be the only kind of sentence that could satisfy justice.
    (Biljana, 30 December 2008 13:02)