1. I see teh pro-Serbian camp in full regime of propaganda.

    The news served by B92 is FACT your says are wishes.

    You can go and do (Aid Worker, 29 August 2008 20:44) but surtainly we know where teh "aid" is delivered. You can go and hunt nwes as our Ida but it will again fail infornt of the FACT- HE WAS SEND IN KOSOVA. The French democartic institution SHOWED a GREAT RESPECT to the institutions of Kosova. FACT.
    (ben, 30 August 2008 15:33)
  2. KLA guerrilla Besim Berisha went on trial in Pristina for strangling Momčilo Milenković and the disappearance of his son. The victim's daughter and granddaughter identified Berisha in a lineup, the defendant's alibi was proven false and a sworn witness statement was produced in which Berisha allegedly confessed.

    A panel of five Albanian judges dismissed the case after a two-day trial.

    It was then that the District Prosecutor’s office appealed against the verdict and the Supreme Court ordered a retrial but Berisha fled to continue his dirty deeds throughout Europe.

    Fair trial, my foot!
    (Roger7, 30 August 2008 04:15)
  3. That's all that has to happen.....claim independence & sit back & let EVERY one else look at you through the magnifying glass...

    France has a place in Srbija's history....perhaps this is the start after they realized they made a GRAVE error in recognizing the independence of KosovO.

    All we (the Serbs) have to do is sit back & wait.....you (albanians) keep on living the way you do & reality will slap you in the face when you least expect it.
    (GSP, 30 August 2008 03:36)
  4. “He was arrested in France on August 7, 2007, on suspicion of armed robbery…Other warrants were issued against Berisha in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany for illegal residence, drug dealing, and other criminal offenses”

    This guy has been a very busy criminal in many countries. That's probably the real reason France wants to hand him back to Kosovo. They are tired of putting up with gangsters like him who have networks which get them out of jail to commit crimes all over again. A Kosovo trial may keep him out of western Europe for a while and he may decide to stay in Kosovo after his release.

    He's just an all around criminal wherever he goes. In addition, the savage attack on Franciscan monks in Italy a few days ago is believed to have been done over an Albania prostitute the monks tried to save. The attacks were most likely Albanians:

    Friar beaten in 'Clockwork Orange' attack had enraged gang linked to Albanian prostitute
    (ida, 29 August 2008 22:54)
  5. America is the motherload of corruption. Go to Capitol Hill and you'll have to pay $5,000 to get a 15 minutes appointment with your representative.
    (L*O*G*I*C, 29 August 2008 22:19)
  6. This is soooo moving! What a love story.
    In this love triangle: France, an active promoter of Kosovo Albanian “independence” extradites the Kosovo Albanian murderer to the Kosovo Albanian “authorities”. To stand a fair trial for murdering a Kosovo Serb!? In Kosovo?
    Is this charade for an internal or external use?
    Are you guys for real?
    France was a party in the “coalition of willing” who bombed Serbia into dark ages during 1999 and helped those who are “Kosovo authorities” nowadays to expel other 200 000 Kosovo Serbs out.
    They may well have him released in France and save the travel expense.
    (Aid Worker, 29 August 2008 20:44)
  7. they have so many albanian criminals in France that they are happy to send one back to Kosovo - and in Kosovo it makes no difference to have one more criminal.
    (slavic, 29 August 2008 20:35)
  8. You can't be serious if you think that there is even the possibility of a just trial in Kosovo with suspects such as this one. With as many warrants throughout Europe that this guy has, he is likely a key figure in the Albanian mafia, which is extremely powerful, and has even reportedly threatened the Sicilians in Sicily itself! We all know how much corruption is present in Kosovo, and a criminal of this magnitude will threaten and pay his way out of anything. I'll be back on here to follow up on this after he is freed!
    (USA, 29 August 2008 18:48)
  9. France extradites allegedly Kosovar criminal to the Kosova's authorities.

    Business as usual between two independent and sovereign states!

    The most important thing here is the TRUST of the French Authorities in the legal system of Kosova.

    If France believed that this person would not have fair trail in Kosova or the Kosova's law system is not able to handle this case he would NOT be extradited in Kosova.

    Two in one: respect of the sovereignty of Kosova and trust in her institutions.
    (ben, 29 August 2008 16:51)