1. It is easy to see who rules the planet. Zionist Jews of whom Soros is one of the most public, though probably not the most important.

    Soros can organise a meeting between the government and opposition and keep the decisions secret. How is that democratic? Why arenít these discussions held in public? The answer, of course, is that the public is never consulted and has to live with decisions made by Soros and is nasty Zionist masters.

    I remember watching British TV in the early 1990s during the Yugoslav secessionist wars. Soros was given a one-hour programme where he was sitting on his desk in a plush office and gave us, the British public, a lecture on why the West should bomb Serbia. Let us be clear about something, the Prime Minister of UK cannot get a one-hour programme on British TV. The Secretary General of the UN canít get a one-hour programme on British TV. How does Soros manage this? To answer this you need to know who owns and controls virtually all media outlets in Britain and the Western world. Thatíll be Sorosí Zionist masters.

    God help Serbia now that Soros has his claws in it.
    (Michael Thomas, 1 August 2019 11:40)

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  2. Carefull now that Soros gets involved...
    (Joachim, 30 July 2019 17:58)

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