Next Paris meeting in September

BELGRADE -- President Aleksandar Vucic stated today that French President Emmanuel Macron understands the seriousness of the problem pertaining to Kosovo and Metohija

Source: Tanjug
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  1. Cut this text, put it on your wall and look at it in five years;

    Serbia proper will have:

    -From the river Ibar and north including Zubin Potok.
    -Gazivoda lake.
    -UN and also EU will stay according to 1244. (Limited number, 130 all together is discussed)
    -There will be Serbian cantons in all serbian church/monastary places including Patriach of Pec, Decani monastery and all serbian majority villages, enclaves and places.
    -Kfor will stay to guard those places with international military together with serbian police. (Just like Nato are present in some countries after WW 2.)

    Albanians will have:

    -The rest of Kosovo as a country.
    -Total independence.
    -Membership UN, Unesco etc etc.
    -Presevo town, not Bujanovac and not the so called corridor 10 south/north.

    Not agreed:

    -Trepca mining complex

    1860 Kfor soldiers to stay. (900 Mitrovica region, 500 Kfor-hill Pristina and 460 as RRU Rapid Response Unit in Pec + Prizren.) Bondsteel stay and are not counted in those figures.
    (Staff, 16 July 2019 21:05)

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  2. Macron told you in your face that ;Kosova is an independent and sovereign country, and that is it! B92 ailed to report the truth!
    (the truth, 16 July 2019 15:57)

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