"Sealing of borders would overburden W. Balkans"

Austria does not want to simply close its borders and leave the Western Balkan states to deal with the refugee issue on their own, says Sebastian Kurz.

Source: Tanjug
Macedonian soldiers build a fence on the border with Greece (Tanjug/AP)
Macedonian soldiers build a fence on the border with Greece (Tanjug/AP)

Speaking in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina on Monday, the Austrian foreign minister added that instead, his country "wants to find a common solution to the problem."

At a press conference with Foreign Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina Igor Crnadak, he said that if Austria just closed the borders, the Western Balkans would be overwhelmed by refugees.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is not being hit by the tide of refugees, but it would like to help overcome the crisis, Crnadak said, adding that Sarajevo was willing to assist and take on the responsibility.

During the conference, Kurz and Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanovic signed a bilateral agreement on scientific and technical cooperation to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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