Minister: Nobody's treating "autonomy" demand seriously

Nobody is treating seriously the request of Bosniak National Council (NBV) leader Sulejman Ugljanin made to the EU that "Sandzak be given territorial autonomy."

Source: Beta
Rasim Ljajic (Tanjug, file)
Rasim Ljajic (Tanjug, file)

That is what Rasim Ljajic said on Monday.

The minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications - himself a Bosniak (Muslim) politician from this southwestern area of Serbia - stressed this was Ugljanin's "political statement."

"It's a statement that is being assigned greater importance here than it really has. Nobody treats it seriously," Ljajic said, and added such statements have been around "for 25 years."

"When you keep repeating the same thing and realize it's coming to nothing, that's a classical political statement that doesn't even have that kind of effect," the minister has been quoted as saying.


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