433 political parties in Serbia

BELGRADE -- More than 15 new political parties have been registered in Serbia in the last five months.

This brings the total figure to 433.

The last registered is Contemporary Party from Belgrade, represented by Miodrag Nedeljković.

Party that precedes it in the registry is Political Party Vote for Salvation, from Vladičin Han, represented by Slobodan Janjić.

Those recently registered also include the Socialist Movement, led by Aleksandar Vulin, and the Party Communists of Serbia, led by Slobodan Janković.

Ecological Block from Vrnjačka Banja, Political Organization Milan Ćuruvija from Alibunar, Together for Kragujevac, Movement for Užice, Progressive Serbia from Bor, Modern Workers Movement for Serbia and Valjevo, Citizen’s Movement for Novi Sad, are only some of the parties registered from mid-March until the end of July.

Political Party Fatherland Action from Kruševac and New Radical Party from Belgrade are among the recently registered parties as well.