Balkan Warrior expanded to two new suspects

BELGRADE -- The investigation regarding the Balkan Warrior international drug smuggling ring case has been expanded to include Darko Šarić and Goran Soković.

The pair are suspected of organizing an international drug trafficking group together with Željko Vujanović, Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Miljko Radislavljević announced on Thursday.

Radisavljević pointed out that the police was searching several facilities located in Belgrade and Novi Sad that were owned or used by Šarić and Soković.

Stating that this was the fifth time the investigation concerning the case was expanded, Radisavljević noted that the whole operation started on October 17, 2009, after 2,171 kg of cocaine were captured in Uruguay, which was achieved in a joint operation by the Serbian Security-Information Agency (BIA) and the American DEA.

"That international cooperation has been continued by the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, which has been working together with the Uruguay, Argentinean and European justice systems, enabling the investigation to reach the very top of this criminal organization,” Radisavljević stressed.

After the latest addition of new suspects, the investigation now includes 19 people, 9 of whom are in Serbian custody.