Libya: Missile hits Serbian ambassador's residence

The residence of Oliver Potežica, Serbia's ambassador in Tripoli, Libya, was hit by a missile the daily Politika is reporting on Monday.

Source: Beta, Politika

According to this source, nobody was injured.

The Belgrade paper quotes unofficial information that said only one worker was in the building at the time of the incident, but escaped unharmed. The local media in Libya said that the missile struck a water tank on the roof, causing material damage.

The staff of the embassy is "safe" and continue with their daily activities, writes the Politika newspaper.

The Libyan media quoted "statements of citizens who live near the residence" as saying they believe the residence was likely not deliberately targeted, "because at that time, a number of missiles were fired randomly from the direction of the airport road toward other parts of the city."

At the same time, the reports noted that embassies and diplomatic missions in Tripoli are increasingly coming under attack.

On Sunday, shots were fired at a convoy of vehicles of the British embassy that was moving towards the Tunisian border. The embassy has reduced its staff, while British nationals were advised to leave the north African country.

On Saturday, the U.S. embassy staff were evacuated from Tripoli.

The AP reported that the battle for control of Tripoli's international airport began two weeks ago when Islamist-led militias - mostly from the western city of Misrata - launched a surprise assault on the airport, under control of rival militias from the western mountain town of Zintan.


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