PM Orban's party wins in Hungarian elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared victory of his Fidesz party in parliamentary elections held on Sunday.

Source: Beta, AP, Tanjug

Orban said that the voting results showed that Hungary was "the most united nation in Europe."

According to him, the results confirm the policy of his government to create jobs, support families and the fight for national sovereignty.

"This is not some insignificant victory. We have achieved a great victory tonight, the significance of which we cannot yet understand," Orban said late on Sunday, addressing a gathering at the headquarters of his center-right Fidesz party, Reuters reported.

According to him, the voters said "no to hatred and no to leaving the European Union."

"They confirmed that Hungary's place is in the EU, but only if it has a strong national government," said Orban.

Based on 71 percent of votes counted Fidesz could win 135 mandates in the 199-seat parliament, while an alliance of leftists, led by the Socialists, would get 39. The right-wing Jobbik party can count on 25 seats.

The Jewish community has condemned the election success of Jobbik.

“The gains made by Jobbik, an unashamedly neo-Nazi political party, should serve as a wake-up call for the whole of Europe. Once again in Europe we are witnessing democracy being appropriated by those are the enemies of democracy, " said Moshe Kantor, European Jewish Congress President.

Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary after the constitutional changes that reduced the number of MPs, and for the first time Hungarians in other countries who hold dual citizenships were allowed to vote by mail.

Even before the election, it was almost certain that Orban's party would win a majority, despite its "specific policy" that angered the European Union and has had a negative impact on foreign investment. The only question was whether it would retain a two-third majority that allows it to change the constitution.


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