Putin promises "complete extermination" of terrorists

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that his country would be "resolute and persistent" in the fight against terrorists.

Source: B92, ITAR-TASS

The fight will continue "until their complete extermination," Putin said while touring the town of Khabarovsk, where he delivered his New Year message.

“In the outgoing year, we had to face problems and stand serious trials, such as the brutal terrorist attacks in Volgograd and unprecedented natural calamities in the Far East. Russia has always become united and consolidated in the times of trouble," Putin stressed.

“Dear friends, let us bow our heads to the victims of the cruel acts of terror. I am confident we shall be resolute and persistent in our fight against terrorists until their complete extermination," the president said, as quoted by Itar-Tass.

On Sunday and Monday the town of Volgograd was targeted twice by terrorists. The death toll from both attacks rose to 34 on Tuesday, while 64 people have been wounded.

Putin ordered security to be raised to a higher level in the wake of the bombings, but did not react with any official statements until today.


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